Shifting Gears from a Few to Many

This phase is the bridge between your test model and getting your product made on a bigger scale. It's about fine-tuning your design to make it easier and more cost-effective to produce, figuring out any manufacturing hiccups, and setting up a supply chain that's reliable and doesn't harm the planet.

To what degree is producing the designed solution both financially viable and technically feasible?

When asking this question, consider the following focus areas and sample questions:

Reproducibility / Quality

• What challenges has the venture faced in replicating the prototype’s quality in mass production, and how were they addressed?

• Can the venture detail the quality assurance measures and testing protocols it has established for its solution?

Manufacturing Efficacy (do they make what the user needs)

• How does the venture’s manufacturing process align with the actual needs and specifications of the target users?

• What standards does the venture or the venture's manufacturers use, if any?

Manufacturing Cost/ Analysis

• What are the projected economies of scale for the venture’s solution, and how will these impact the cost structure as production volume increases?

• Can the venture provide a breakdown of the major cost drivers in its manufacturing process and how these are being managed?

Supply Chain Strategy

• What strategies has the venture employed to maintain consistent production timelines and quality?

• Can the venture discuss any partnerships or collaborations that strengthen its supply chain and how these contribute to the overall production efficacy?