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ISHOW 2016 Competition

Calling all hardware-led social innovators: if you have a prototype, we want you to apply to the ISHOW! Select finalists will be brought to their nearest showcase, where engineering experts will provide feedback and award 3 winners up to $50,000 in cash prizes. 2017 Competition opens soon - sign up for updates.
Winners Selected

India 2016

ISHOW India 2016 was amazing! Congratulations to our winners - Bempu, Handheld Dermascope and InC. Thanks to all our finalists for inspiring us with their hardware innovations.
Winners Selected

Kenya 2016

ISHOW Kenya 2016 was awesome. Congratulations to our winners - Banza, Green Rock Drill and Illuminum Greenhouse. Thanks to all our finalists for inspiring us with their hardware innovations.
Winners Selected

USA 2016

Last but not least ISHOW USA! Congratulations to our winners - Amparo, PayGo Energy & Buoy by Calliope. Thanks to all our finalists for inspiring us with their hardware innovations. See you next year!

Recent Winners

mWSI (Mobile Whole Slide Imaging)
Lou Auguste

mWSI (Mobile Whole Slide Imaging)

- Health

Utilising a smartphone coupled with a robotic stage, mWSI acquires a single composite image of a biological specimen. The mWSI system converts any microscope into a smart microscope to digitize medical slides at resolutions up to 40x objective magnification.

Imad Majid


- Agriculture & Food

An IoT water quality device for shrimp aquaculture. Measures DO (dissolved oxygen), temperature, humidity, pH, salinity, TDS (total dissolved solid) and alerts farmers with SMS tips to maintain optimal environmental conditions for increased yields.

Smart Solar Kiosk
Henri Nyakarundi

Smart Solar Kiosk

- Energy/Economic and Community Empowerment

A mobile kiosk that enables connectivity through providing access to electricity and internet services to remote and disconnected places in East Africa. Implemented through a low cost franchise business model.

Areas of Interest: Hardware Led Social Innovation

Water & Sanitation

2 billion people don’t have access to safe/ clean water and 3 billion don’t have access to toilets. BoP market = $32 billion.


317 million accidents occur on the job annually resulting in 2.3 million deaths. Road traffic injuries cause 3500 deaths every day.


25% of people live without electricity. Annually, solid fuel air pollution causes 4 million deaths. BoP market = $317 billion (Electricity = $137 billion).


By 2050 we will need 3 earths. GHGs have increased 50% since 1990. Natural assets represent 26% of emerging economy wealth.

Agriculture & Food

World needs to produce 50% more food to meet demand. 70% of the world's rural poor rely on agriculture for income/ employment. Food = half of BoP spending.

Economy & Community

2.5 billion people live on less than $2/ day. 4 billion people go without basic goods & services. Globally, the wealthiest 5% earn the same as the poorest 80%.

Health & Nutrition

1 billion people lack access to health care. Annually, almost 15 million die from preventable and infectious diseases. 870 million are undernourished.


124 million young people globally don't have access to education. Only 49% of children attend secondary school. BoP Market = $193 billion.


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