2023 Cohort

2023 Cohort

The ASME ISHOW accelerator brings strategic and technical due diligence to our annual cohort of social ventures. The engagement with our annual cohort can last from six months to a year depending on their progress since winning the ISHOW and their needs moving forward.

Each year, we invite these remarkable ventures from the India, Kenya, and US ISHOWs to attend our annual ISHOW Bootcamp. These ventures receive their customized Design & Engineering Review from a panel of curated experts recruited specifically to help them address their most pressing challenges.

From the bill of materials optimization, to supply chain strategies, design for manufacturing, marketing, branding, technical consultations, business plans, fundraising, and the countless other challenges hardware startups face along their journeys, the ISHOW Bootcamp is there to help them navigate through these often choppy waters.

The ISHOW Bootcamp also gives these teams a chance to earn a second round of investment and in-kind support.

If you know what it takes to get these startups and small & growing businesses to their next level, come join our growing network of experts helping our winners scale and succeed.

ISHOW Alumni Video Case Studies