Launching and Growing Your Product

Now you're getting your product out into the world, which means thinking about how to get it to people, how to tell them about it, and how to sell it. But it's not just about starting; it's about how you can reach even more people or adapt your product for different needs or places.

To what degree is the venture capable of delivering to and sustaining a solution in market?

When asking this question, consider the following focus areas and sample questions:

Human Resources / Team Capacity

• Does the venture have any business advisors or team members with startup and fundraising experience?

• What strategies has the venture implemented for talent acquisition and retention, especially in key areas critical to the solution's success?

Customer Service

• How does the venture gather and respond to customer feedback, and how is this integrated into continuous product improvement?

• If a part breaks, how does the customer find a replacement? Does maintenance require a specialist? If so, where do these specialists exist?

Business Plan & Strategy

• Does the venture have a business plan/model? Has an exist strategy been considered?

• What contingencies does the venture have in place for potential market shifts or challenges that could impact the solution?

Market Opportunity, Distribution & Scale

• Can the venture discuss its plans for scaling distribution and market presence as demand grows? Have they conducted a TAM/SAM/SOM exercise?

• What certifications/approvals are needed to enter global markets?