ISHOW Kenya: Nairobi, May 25, 2017

Congratulations to our 2017 winners!

2017 Finalists

Vein Locator

Locating a patient’s vein is difficult and requires complex skill. For this purpose, various devices have been proposed but they are not suitable for low resource settings. The vein locator offers a low cost solution for first needle success.

Roy Allela

A sign language to speech translation glove that has been developed to address the language barrier between sign language users and the general public.

Victor Shikoli

A GPS and internet enabled device plugged into existing water supply systems to automatically monitor water use, quality and leakages using sensors, and send data to an online platform, turning traditional water systems to smart water grid.

Adriana Garties
Multi-Crop Thresher

Every harvest, farmers spends days or even weeks threshing their grains through laborious manual methods. Imara Tech’s Multi-Crop Thresher is a portable, locally-manufactured machine that threshes up to 90x faster.

Brian Gitta
Brian Gitta

A noninvasive device used to test for Malaria. It uses custom made hardware which is then connected to a smartphone to aid easy diagnosis within households.

Charles Antipem
Science Set

An affordable, portable, practical and highly scalable science lab that can fit in the bag and on the desk of students.

Esther Mwangi
Social Inclusion Project

We are a social enterprise that increase access of sanitary items like pads, diapers, condoms among others through locally produced small items vending machines in kenya

George Chege
Smart Brooder

Brooding involves supplying chicks with supplemental heat to keep them warm since they can’t regulate their own temp. The innovation is a system which monitors and controls the brooding space providing optimal growth conditions. SMS is used to convey data

Kathy Ku
Kathy Ku

The Purifaaya filter requires no energy, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from boiling water

Angeline Awiti Muga

A mobile phone based fetal heart monitor that enables private maternal health care givers to effectively serve pregnant mothers by providing comprehensive, accurate and reliable fetal health data while saving them both time and money.

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Prizes Awarded

$30,000 in Cash Grants
Access to Engineering & Design Experts
Best video receives a 3D Printer
Finalists are invited to our hardware investor showcase

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